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Glocal offers legal solutions with local expertise to all-sized organizations in Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Texas, Washington and all other states of the USA.

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The volume of work and high hourly rates of in-house legal departments make legal process outsourcing a viable option. Law firms that outsource their work to an LPO concentrate on their core competencies, growth, and actual strategies as they receive legal services that are completed quickly and affordably.

Don’t get left behind. Lead your legal game from the forefront with Glocal LPO. We help USA law firms and attorneys handle routine legal work and solve their complex challenges.

Relevance, responsiveness, privilege, and data secrecy are all values upheld by our attorneys.

Our Services

Glocal LPO can help you with the best knowledge to comprehend the intricacy of the document review process and achieve your pressing deadlines. Here’s a rundown of some of the services that we can assist you with.

Non-disclosure Agreements
Partnership Agreements
Teaming Agreement
Consulting Agreements
Sales And Purchase Agreements
Lease Agreements
Merger And Acquisitions
Distributor Agreements
Employment Agreements
Contract Administration
Contracts Reviewed
Contract Abstraction


Legal Outsourcing Practice

US Trusts US.

Because We Know The Laws!

Our attorneys and paralegals are aware of all the US laws governing document review and legal cases.

We are also well-versed with Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPA), Protected Health Information (PHI) & Personally Identifiable Information (PII).

That is why we are not just the preferred but the chosen legal outsourcing partner!

Empowering USA with Complaint Litigation and
Reliable Outsourcing Services

We conduct efficient and effective legal research to assist your clients in mitigating risk. We create long-lasting client relationships by regularly providing high-quality services within a limited budget. We create new business growth by standing out from rivals, winning new clients, and identifying new work with current clients. We help with legal and research operations to increase productivity, cut costs, and improve client outcomes.

Why We're Different And How We Work

To meet the competing expectations of your clients and partners, you must maximize every decision—and every hour. With the help of our extensive selection of time-saving products and services, supported by market-leading technology, you can confidently advise your clients while minimizing administrative tasks and boosting billable hours.

Glocal LPO offers the best-in-class LPO services in the United States. We are successfully providing services as an extended legal service to numerous Fortune 500 companies, law firms, and legal publishing houses tailored to their requirements criteria.

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